Special Olympics Israel English

Transform a life today 

.Special Olympics Israel gives people with intellectual disabilities the confidence they need to succeed, on and off the playing field

Sports and Games 

Special Olympics Israel offers over 10 olympic style individual and team sports that provide meaningful training and competition opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities. Major Special Olympics competitions are held around the world each year to bring together athletes contending to be the best in their sports

Inclusive Health 

We aim to improve the health of people with intellectual disabilities by collaborating with our athletes, health care providers, community organisations, universities and governments

Unified Schools 

Students of all abilities have the power to positively impact their school communities by promoting social inclusion. Special Olympics Unified schools empowerment youth and education to be leaders

Unified Sports 

Through Inclusive Unified Sports®, our flagship project, we aim to empower athletes with and without intellectual disabilities to play together as a means of promoting inclusion, dialogue, acceptance and understanding. Individuals with intellectual disabilities (“athletes”) and those without intellectual disabilities (“partners”) play together as equals on a team. Inclusive Unified Sports® is an internationally proven mechanism to break down barriers of exclusion on and off the field

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